Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment

Our group is a founding member of the Sustainable Fisheries Association which was formed in 2008 to act a body of worldwide fishing companies either already in assessment or fully assessed for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certificate.

This certificate is recognised world-wide as the hall mark of responsible and sustainable fishing with full traceability of product from the sea to the plate being offered. The MSC is a certification and eco-labelling programme for sustainable seafood. It is based on 3 principles, and 31 performance indicators.

Commitment to Legal Fishing

IUU (Ilegal, Unreported and Unregulated) fishing is an activity we are fully committed to expose and denounce. It is a serious global problem and one of the main impediments to the achievement of sustainable world fisheries. IUU fishing respects neither national boundaries nor international attempts to manage high seas resources. It thrives where governance is weak and where countries fail to meet their international responsibilities. It puts unsustainable pressure on fish stocks, marine wildlife and habitats, subverts labour standards and distorts markets.

We are a founding member of the Coalition of legal Toothfish Operators (COLTO) which is committed to legal and sustainable fishing for this particular species. The Coalition's website is dedicated to ensuring sustainability of this resource. we recognize that effective management, surveillance and enforcement of toothfish fisheries is vital.

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We are keen to work with governments, other industries, conservation groups and the public to make sure legal operations are protected and illegal fishing is eliminated.

The environment we work in and are committed to protect

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